About Us

The Pink Line Project catalyzes the culturally curious to participate, innovate, engage, and conspire with passion, awesomeness, inspiration, generosity, and ingenuity.

Our Values:

  • Inspiration. We surround ourselves with extraordinary and creative people.
  • Passion. We suck the marrow out of life and wake up every morning screaming at the top of our lungs.
  • Generosity. We give unconditionally and without any expectation of return.
  • Curiosity. We combat intellectual stagnation with curiosity about the people and exploring world around us.
  • Courage. We act according to what is true and authentic for ourselves rather than what anyone expects of us.

Pink Line Project inspires creative thinking in everyone, builds community and connectivity, and opens portals to art and culture for the culturally curious. Our vision for DC: to change the way people view DC, both residents and visitors. DC is more than just institutions and politics; it's filled with amazing people doing amazingly creative things using art, technology, and good-old fashioned ingenuity. It's about cool people doing cool things.

Think Pink!

The Pink Line is "a symbolic new Metro line that would connect diverse social groups with D.C.'s art scene, and a contrarian color emblematic of D.C.'s storied punk music history and its unexpectedness." (Citystream)

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