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8 Reasons I am Skipping Art Basel and Going to Moishe Market Instead.

Lisa MarkusonBy Lisa Markuson on Dec 04, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (1)

8 Reasons I am Skipping Art Basel and Going to Moishe Market Instead.

This makes me want to give ALL of my fanblades to Ms Waxman.

  1. I thought Basel was in Switzerland. Miami? Seriously? I hate Miami.
  2. Moishe Market is in a really beautiful old house in Adams Morgan that doesn't cost $500/night to reside in. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I could find them on Couchsurfing.
  3. In Miami, you have to wear a bathing suit. At Moishe House, you can probably wear a scarf and a sweater, maybe even two of each. Much more fitting for the season and my personal conservative style.
  4. The art one is expected to purchase at Art Basel is so expensive, the dollars used to buy those pieces could take one look at my dollars, and, like a well-appointed army meeting a straggling militia on a battle field, defeat my poor deficient dollars instantly. At Moishe Market, almost everything will be $100 OR LESS!
  5. Sarah Michael Waxman makes gorgeous handmade jewelry displays that will be on sale at Moishe Market. Will they be available at Art Basel? No. Of course not.
  6. A.Moet robes. Ladies, these robes are the answer to your prayers. If nothing else, go to the website and just aggle them, then fondle the fabrics at the market. Alegra Moet and Cameron Neale will be selling their totally unique creations, guess where? I will give you a hint: it starts with M and ends with "not at Art Basel."
  7. Soupergirl. Have you tried these soups? They inspire awe and lip smacking in all who sample them. Oh, would you like to try them for free? Great, because Soupergirl is sponsoring Moishe Market. Oh wait, you're going to be in Miami? Good luck finding any good hot savory soups there, sucka.
  8. If you still aren't convinced, look at it this way: Whenever I am unsure about deciding between competing events, I ask myself, "Lisa, at which event would you be more likely to meet Bill Murray?" In this case, the answer is clearly Moishe Market, because it is closer to Brooklyn, and he is still in character from playing FDR in Hyde Park on Hudson. And he has been trying to meet me for ages and I will be there. Perfect!

So, if you are so unlucky as to have a non-refundable ticket to Miami this weekend,  sweating in a crammed gallery listening to an urban-garage-techno-space-rap duo from Uzbekistan, I hope you will take a moment to think of me, at Moishe Market, holding armfuls of hemp cards, robes, candles, jewelry and places to hang said jewelry, and eating a mouthful of seasonal soup. 

Ok, let's be honest, you will probably see it on instagram. (@lisamarkuson)


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