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9th and Beats-A new all ages venue opens

Dena AdamsBy Dena Adams on Dec 17, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (1)

9th and Beats-A new all ages venue opens

A new all-ages venue has been born at 1219 9th Street inside the Old Dominion Brewhouse. The brewery had a large room that some people would just see as a room. But Dave Mann and Rachel Eisley, joined by Greg Roth teamed up to turn this underutilized space into a new all ages venue called 9th and Beats that will feature everything from live music and comedy, to burlesque. All the while featuring art installations from local artists.

The location may seem a little unorthodox. First you walk through a sports bar, then a sushi bar to get into the venue space. The 2.000 square foot space is packed with potential.  They had $2,500 and a dream. To transform this space. At the soft opening on Wednesday, December 12 after a presentation by the three partners the music began with two bands called the Go Cozy and The Sea Life.

During the conversation Mann (who you will remember as the organizer of the Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Festival) spoke of how he hopes to create a safe haven for kids and all the music shows, not the burlesque (sorry, kids!) will be all ages. Every Thursday there will be the Rebels With a Cause series. Those Thursdays no alcohol will be served.

The proceeds from Thursday’s show went to Occupy Sandy. Mann “kept thinking about the possibility of an all-ages music venue with fundraising potential for non-profits, something that caters to music lovers young and old, that encourages community.” With 9th and Beats, Mann has made that possibility become a reality.

Eisley whose title is Chief Curator of Arts and Accoutrements spoke about her past of attending all ages shows as a teenager and her desire to bring arts and theatre to the space. She is a photographer who also teaches so will be showcasing the art of many of her students as well as other local artists. With venues such as the Red Palace closing, it's great that another venue is open to hosting burlesque and variety events. 

9th and Beats will, for now, be open Thursday through Saturdays but is looking to eventually expand to being open all week. With the rotating art instillations provided by Eisley, the live music booking by Mann, and the comedy by Roth this is definitely a place to watch as they continue to grow and transform over the next coming months. 


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