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"Bento Box Office" PM @ The TM!

Morgan MarkeyBy Morgan Markey on Apr 18, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (2877)

"Bento Box Office" PM @ The TM!

“Bento Box Office” is taking place on April 26th and is kicking off with a sweet outdoor “hapi hour” in the tranquil Textile Museum Gardens at six pm.  Enjoy the warm weather by attending this Cherry Blossom Festival event that celebrates Japanese film, art and culture. Bento Box Office will provide an atmosphere that will put you at peace, while at the same time sparking intellectual conversation with other culturally curious creative’s. It doesn’t get much better than lying back with a cold drink and chowing down on some Japanese Bento Box in the Textile Museum’s luscious gardens. After strolling through the garden and feasting your eyes on Japanese foreign film, don’t forget to make your way indoors to the Woven Treasures of Japan's Tawaraya Workshop and Sourcing the Museum exhibitions where you can look at traditional Japanese textiles. The Pink Line Project, Washington Film Institute, and Textile Museum have come together to provide DC locals with film, food, and art. This event is a perfect example of the collaboration of the creative community that exists here in DC.
             John Hanshaw is the director of the Washington Film Institute and has worked together with Pink Line Project and the Textile Museum to bring foreign Japanese film to the Textile Museum for one night and one night only. The Washington Film Institute puts on screenings every month of foreign and independent films in DC. The ultimate goal of WFI is to build community and to offer cultural education through film. When asked about why Hanshaw thought collaboration was so fundamental to the DC community, he explained, “Collaboration is key: to spread the word on happenings, to create synergies, and to generate greater collective energy. The ‘Bento Box Office’ event will be a superb opportunity to bring together the arts community in DC and expose them to the glorious tradition of Japanese textiles (Kimono's of the Tawaraya Workshop), and also give them an introduction to the quirky side of Japanese humor.” The Bento Box Office event will allow viewers to be exposed to a side of Japanese culture that is not commonly seen through this bizarre, hysterical foreign film, which has never aired in Washington DC before (Don’t worry, subtitles included).

              “Honeymoon in Hell: Mr. and Mrs. Oki’s Fabulous Trip”, directed by Ryuichi Honda is about the bizarre adventures of a couple’s vacation. John Hanshaw describes the film and director as, “one of Japan's hottest new directors.  This film is based on the novel by writer Shiro Maeda ‘Okike no Tanoshii Ryokou’ and follows the adventures of a couple of newlyweds who are quickly realizing that marriage is not always rosy. Honda put together some wacky fun films such as the retro-camp comedy ‘Pussycat Great Mission’ and the Chiaki Kuriyama-starring ‘GS Wonderland’, so I expect he will not disappoint with ‘Honeymoon.’” Join us at the Textile Museum to check out this outstanding Japanese director’s work, as well as enjoy beautiful gardens and Japanese art. Experience the collaboration between two of the most knowledgeable arts organizations in DC, and meet other DC creative’s in the process.

To buy tickets to this amazing event click here

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