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Breaking down the walls between the audience and the art

Philippa P.B. HughesBy Philippa P.B. Hughes on Nov 14, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (392)

Breaking down the walls between the audience and the art


The Washington Post gave this show a great review!

On November 20, you can get a great discount on tickets to the show if you find us at one of the following bars between 7 and 9 PM:

  • Eatonville, 2121 14th Street, NW
  • Marvin, 2007 14th Street, NW
  • Black Jack, 1612 14th Street, NW
  • Churchkey, 1337 14th Street, NW

We'll be in costume and singing so you can't miss us. All you have to do is Tweet or Instagram #StrangeUndoing and @ShakespeareinDC to get the drink specials and ticket discounts.

I love the experience of dressing up and going to someplace special like the theater. The theater building itself is often a grand space that makes me want to behave with a little decorum, and sitting in the audience with a group of people makes me feel like I am part of something larger and more important than myself as an individual.

Lately though, I've become increasingly intrigued by experiences that break down the barriers between the audience and the art, and that break down the barriers that make art feel unattainable for many people. That's why the Shakespeare Theatre's next play "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart" piqued my interest. The play is set in a bar, so naturally, the play will literally take place in a bar. The Bier Baron in Dupont Circle, to be exact.

Besides just being a super creative way to produce a play, I love the idea of taking the art outside its traditional environment. Take it to the people rather than demanding that the people come to it. (Part of the reason why I love street art so much, too!)

Only 125 people each night will enjoy beer with supernatural storytelling, music, and theatre inspired by the Scottish Border Ballads.

Following a hit run at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart is embarking on an international tour to share its dream-like journey of self discovery, magical moments, devilish encounters and wittily wild karaoke. Performed in an actual pub and inspired by the Border Ballads, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart will move and amuse as the peculiar twists in the tale unfold around you.

You can buy tickets here, OR you can come to various bars around the city to get discounts.

Come to these Columbia Heights bars tonight (Wednesday November 14) between 7 and 9 PM to get drink deals and ticket discounts to the play:

  • Maple, 3418 11th Street, NW
  • Red Rocks, 1036 Park Road, NW
  • Wonderland, 1101 Kenyon Street, NW
  • The Coupe, 3415 11th Street, NW

We'll be at other bars around the city throughout the next few weeks. So check back here if you miss us tonight.

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