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Cigarette + Hume @ Hole in the Sky

Stephanie WesolowskiBy Stephanie Wesolowski on Nov 12, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (330)

Cigarette + Hume @ Hole in the Sky

Hume entertains the diverse crowd at Hole in the Sky's Halloween party.

On October 26, the elusive Hole in the Sky hosted a costume party featuring local bands Hume and Cigarette. This hard-to-find DC spot is an unexpected fusion of apartment and concert venue with an industrial vibe. A crowd of twenty-somethings crammed into the space; most were decked out in full Halloween garb.

One of Hume's distinctive features is that they have two drummers.

Like the rest of the party-goers that night, the majority of the band dresses festively.

"Day of the Dead" and "ballerina" are among the more distinctive costume themes.

Hume holds the audience captive with their energy and eclectic beats.

This art teacher says that the subject of her costume is open to interpretation.

Smaller groups gather in the kitchen, which is spacious compared to the densely packed concert area.

Fake blood is a staple among several costumes throughout the party.

Part of the fun is getting into character or, in this case, role reversal. 

A living room is tucked away beyond the warehouse-like main room. 

Hume's guitarist is having a blast after their set is finished.

High school friends reunite.

Guys pose with a discarded lettuce leaf.

Once the bands have cleared out their equipment, a DJ keeps the (dwindling) crowd dancing.

A Cigarette member poses with another bloody guest.

The rooftop is open to smokers or anyone looking to cool off, although the night is unseasonably warm.

The bands' vans line the alley as the party clears out.

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