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Corralling the Critics

Lisa AgerBy Lisa Ager on Nov 16, 2011 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (11)

Corralling the Critics

Victoria F. Gaitán

Our weekly roundup of reviews of the arts in Washington!  Please let us know if we’ve missed anything!

Visual Art: Victoria F. Gaitán: Scenes of Mild Peril @ Conner Contemporary Art [City Paper]

Visual Art: “Secrets of the Elements 3: Dark Matters” @ Studio Gallery [Washington Post]

Visual Art: “A Theatre of Objects” @ Flashpoint Gallery [TBD]

Visual Art: “In the Tower: Mel Bochner” @ National Gallery of Art [Washington Post]

Film: “13 Most Beautiful” @ National Gallery of Art [Pink Line Project]

Music: Youth Lagoon @ Red Palace [Examiner]

Music: Ellis Ashbrook @ Velvet Lounge [Examiner]

Theater: After the Fall @ Theater J & The Golden Dragon @ Studio Theatre [City Paper]

Theater: The Golden Dragon @ Studio Theatre [Washington Post]

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