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Listening Session: Top 5 Shows This Week

Stephanie WilliamsBy Stephanie Williams on Jan 08, 2013 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (2)

Listening Session: Top 5 Shows This Week

[Originally for DC Music Download on 7 January 2013]

Friday- Laughing Man, Tommy Siegel (of Jukebox the Ghost), Tereu Tereu, and Gordon Withers @ U St. Music Hall. Show 7p/Tickets $10

It’s a great thing to see Laughing Man headline the U St. Music Hall. They’ve really cut their own niche into the D.C. scene, and it’s refreshing to see a group that can boldly take that leap without any apologies. Their multi-dimensional sound is really something to be revered. This show is marked as Bad Friend Records one-year anniversary show, a project that was founded by Ryan Little of Tereu Tereu and Tommy Siegel of Jukebox The Ghost.

Saturday-The Highballers (CD Release), Lynn Taylor, and Jumpin’ Jupiter @ IOTA Club. Show 9p/Tickets $12

This is one of several CD release shows happening on Saturday-and if you’re tastes swing towards the more alt-country route, you might want to consider going to this show. The Highballers give a pretty energized performance, and live events are where they thrive as a band. If you want to hear the new music-IOTA is where it’s at.

Saturday-Honor by August (CD Release Signing Party) @ The Howard Theatre. Show 8p/Tickets $12 advanced/$15 DOS

Honor by August is probably one of the most polished bands in D.C. They have an acute awareness of their image as a band, as everything they’ve put out thus far in their six years together have been nothing but high-quality work. It’s being DIY about music without looking like it-and Honor by August knows just how to do it. From this, they’ve recently scored a recording deal with Rock Ridge Music, an independent record label based in Newark, New Jersey whose roster includes Reel Big Fish and Sister Hazel. This is the band’s first D.C. show in quite some time, so if there’s any time to catch them-it would be this show.

Saturday-Ugly Purple Sweater, Kingsley Flood, and Kindlewood  @ Black Cat Mainstage. Doors 8p/ Tickets $12

This is a no brainer choice for this week’s top five. First is obviously Ugly Purple Sweater’s much anticipated EP,DC USA, their latest release since their full-length album Conventions over a year ago. Let’s also add to the fact that Boston-based Kingsley Flood not only has a new album as well (dubbed Battles), but just had one of their songs of the release  ”Down” pushed by Rolling Stone, which certainly doesn’t hurt things. Kindlewood’s dream-folk adds a nice round-up to this bill, as they’ve consistently proven to be solid live performers over the course of time they’ve been together. These three acts make the Mainstage the place to be for live music on this night, and I can certainly guarantee for the crowd to be full.

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