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[LISTEN] Listening Session: Top Five Shows This Week

Stephanie WilliamsBy Stephanie Williams on Dec 11, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (211)

[LISTEN] Listening Session: Top Five Shows This Week

[Originally for DC Music Download on 10 December 2012]

Don’t you hate it when a good show slips under your radar? Exactly. We’ve cherry picked some of our must-see local shows that you should know going into the week.

Wednesday-The Vacant Lots, Silent Old Mountains, Screen Vinyl Image @ Black Cat Backstage. Doors 8p/Tickets $10 advances/$12 DOS

With fuzzy guitars, thick smog and vivacious onstage visuals, Screen Vinyl Image lays it on thick-both in their anthemic shoegaze material, but also in their live performances. This is a band that you definitely shouldn’t sleep on bringing your precious earplugs to. Silent Old Mountains at a surface level seem like an odd placement in between two bands that sonically have a much heavier aesthetic,  but shouldn’t be forgotten. They have a knack for taking their more folk-based offerings to a more extensive level-beyond just touching on lighter subjects in their music.

Thursday-The Caribbean, the Plums & Talk it @ The Dunes. Show 7p/Tickets $8

Experimental outfit The Caribbean is an instant choice for a top anything’s list-their creativity as a group is unmatchable. Defining their own deconstructionist approach to their indie-rock flair, they’re an outlier to most bands you’ll hear-let alone anyone in the D.C. area. When listening to any of their releases, you might hear hints of jazz, pop, folk and even more worldly sounds embedded into their exotic material. The Plums are another experimental group that really can be summed up in a release they put out earlier this year-dubbed “Nixon’s Mess”, a 30- minute sonic attack.

Friday-Midnight Hike, Redline Addiction and the Jones @ The State Theatre. Show 8p/Tickets $12 advanced/$15 DOS

Two rock-based acts Midnight Hike and Redline Addiction will simultaneously celebrate the release of their full-length albums. Midnight Hike’s music encompasses a more retro-vibe that doesn’t feel cheap or out-of-date, while Redline Addiction’s material has the zeal and vivacity that registers similar to their ’80s rock predecessors. The State Theatre is a huge venue for only a few local bands, but these two groups will really utilize it to their advantage.


Saturday-Black Masala, America Hearts and Blankus Larry @ Paperhaus. Show 8:30p/Free

If you’re looking for DIY terrority, Paperhaus has an interesting line-up scheduled for Saturday night. Our bets go to Blankus Larry and America Hearts, who probably couldn’t be further from the musical spectrum, which makes it that more of a delight to see the two come together in one room. Blankus Larry’s psychedelic-garage rock release Hell or High Larry was, for the most part, polished considering the lo-fi nature of the EP. America Hearts’ melancholy folk offerings translate the best in a live format, as frontwoman Jess Matthews knows exactly what it takes to grasp the attention of her audience. Although, the real entertainment of the night will probably be figuring out how to fit a nine-piece gypsy horn band into the Paperhaus living room.


Saturday-Hometown Sounds One-Year Showcase @ 9th & Beats (Feat: Black Checker, the North Country, the Grey Area, Peanut Butter & Dave and the Torches). Show 1p/Free

Hometown Sounds will be throwing their first showcase to inaugurate their one-year anniversary at Dave Mann’s latest music project, 9th & Beats. A couple stand out acts on the bill are The Grey Area, who recently had their video for “Sugar From You” featured on, along with The North Country-who recently put out their debut album that melts a delicious blend of folk, Americana and other alt-country elements into a prismatic release.

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