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Buck Downs' Literary Picks of the Week

Buck DownsBy Buck Downs on Mar 05, 2013 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (64)

Buck Downs' Literary Picks of the Week

fiddle oak / / CC BY-NC-SA

Poem of the Week

Last year, we got a chance to hear Brian Fitzpatrick perform from Hustlenomics, and we were sold. Brian is a comedian as well as a poet and his work finds the place where "say anything" has a foot in experimental poetry and improv comedy. His poems are usually either super long, like the Hustlenomics, or nano-short poetry one-liners. We were very happy to find this week's poem, "Gun" in our Inbox. To get more, you can start following him on Twitter, @Brian_etc 

Event of the Week

Arlington's Iota Cafe is a great place to hear music or poetry, enjoy a beer or a coffee, and all that good stuff. This Sunday, come to Iota at 6:00 to enjoy Rose Solari. Rose has been writing and publishing around this town for many years, and her first novel, A Secret Woman, came out in 2013. 



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