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Make a Date with “OK Stupid” at Fringe Fest

Tom RisenBy Tom Risen on Jul 11, 2013 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (9438)

Make a Date with “OK Stupid” at Fringe Fest

OK Stupid's Secret Math Lab

Are you bored? Want to do more with evenings besides finishing 12 loads of laundry, scrolling your friend’s Facebook page or color-coordinating business cards you got from lame work mixers? Find excitement with OK Stupid – the greatest dating site in the universe. Because computers know best, and Math can fix anything!

So begins the Fringe Fest comedy “OK Stupid’s Secret Math Lab.” Some rom-coms are hit or miss making jokes about the Internet for the sake of it, but the play’s author Erin Bylander wrote dialogue that is snarky, self-aware and all-too real about navigating the neurotic jungle of online dating in Washington, D.C.

The comedy does a great job breaking the fourth wall using a quirky narrative style reminiscent of Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.” The play’s heroine Lucy opens the show sitting at her computer eating Twizzlers before The Internet mocks her into joining an online dating site. Data mining matchmaker Al Gorithm then pops up to compute the least ridiculous date possible for Lucy from the site’s 5 million users. Math, have mercy on her!

To research for the play Bylander said she chatted online and went on dates with several people on OK Cupid, meeting a wide range of nice guys, but also “weirdoes and funny stereotypes.”

“Even if you are not perfectly matched with them it is still pleasant to go out. I wouldn’t warn people away from it,” Bylander said.

This is Bylander’s first play, and she said the inspiration came from reading the autobiography of Mindy Kaling, of “The Office” and “The Mindy Project,” in which Kaling wrote that she launched her career by creating a comedy for the New York Fringe Fest. Bylander never considered shifting from creative story writing to playwriting, but she is now enjoying the comraderie of the other play casts at Fringe Fest.

“There’s a very cool energy at the Fringe Fest parties,” Bylander said. “There are so many different types of shows at Fringe. It is a little overwhelming since you don’t know what to see. Word of mouth always helps find the best shows.”

Have fun at Fringe and may all your equations be answered.




Fort Fringe – Bedroom, 612 L Street NW, nearest metro at Gallery Place/Chinatown or Mt. Vernon Square


July 13th @ 8 pm

July 18th @ 8:15 pm

July 21st @ 10:30 pm

July 26th @ 6 pm

July 28th @ 5:30 pm



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