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Mind Control: Poetry, Prose and Performance Art @ The Fridge!

Morgan MarkeyBy Morgan Markey on Apr 25, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (442)

Mind Control: Poetry, Prose and Performance Art @ The Fridge!

The Fridge is a multifaceted gallery that uses all of its square footage to its utmost potential. Not only does this space function as an art gallery, but it also acts as a performance space, music venue, and classroom. Since opening in September 2009 in the Eastern Market area of DC, the gallery has been actively building community and creativity through the artistic expression of well-known artists to DC’s newest creative’s. The Fridge does not restrict itself to one kind of performance, but rather keeps its viewers in constant anticipation with fresh, diverse performances and art exhibits. Performing Mind Control tonight will be four female artists Mindy Nettifee, Jessica Hirst, , Molly Gaudry, and Sarah Lawson. They will be collaborating together in poetry, prose, and performance to express feminist theory and perspective in a way unlike anything DC has ever seen before. Below, the gallery directors of The Fridge, Alex Goldstein and Emma Fisher, go into further detail about the Mind Control event happening at The Fridge.

Q: How is The Fridge different from other galleries? What’s its personality?

A: The Fridge is more than a gallery, it’s a home for both visual and performing artists who are often working outside of the lines. We’ve built a reputation for being a place to find unexpected art and performances in DC – as well as for being a welcoming home for community-oriented events. We’re a little bit of a misfit over on Capitol Hill, but we like it that way. We’re about bringing people unexpected experiences. We want to surprise you.

Q: How will Mind Control bring up feminist concepts? In what way is this piece feminist?

A: It was difficult to sum up these four artists – one works in performance art, the other three are poets. They’re bringing such a rich array of viewpoints to The Fridge on Thursday. But the common thread that’s keeping them all together is the lens that they’re using to practice their art – they’re unapologetically baring these very private moments. This is inherently feminist – the idea that what we keep private as women – and as humans – shouldn’t be kept a secret. If we make these experiences public, that’s how we effect change, and that’s how we understand that we’re not alone. It’s the Post-Secret-effect.

Q: Why is Mind Contol being featured at The Fridge? What about The Fridge is conducive to this kind of event?

A: Natalie E. Illum. Natalie is a powerful and heart-rending DC-based performance poet, and she and I have co-produced several major poetry events at The Fridge (including the phenomenal Andrea Gibson). Plus I had been blown away by Mindy's performance in the gallery last year (with The Whirlwind Company as part of my "Fresh Produce" festival of live art in February 2011). Completely separately, Emma and I were already working with Jessica for a performance art piece for the same evening -- and Emma brilliantly combined the two into this evening’s affair.

Q: Have the artists done anything similar to this before? How would you categorize this event?

A:  I wouldn’t categorize this event – four female performers that are an unlikely match, but a natural fit. It’s different from what’s playing in DC. The performance artist, Jessica, has shown her pieces all over the world. She’s based in Barcelona, but has lived in DC for a long time. This is the first time this work will be here. The poets Mindy, Sarah and Molly, have picked a selection of poems specifically for this show.

Q: Why is this event called Mind Control?

A:  It’s meant to be playful – because the experiences being shared are about vulnerability, which feels, by nature, chaotic, but they’re being presented in what is essentially a controlled environment by these well-practiced, attentive artists.

Q: What do you want the audience to take away from this event?

A:  As with every artist or performer whom I've hosted (over 500+ since September 2009): A memory of the artist's vision, inspiration, and a little bit of magic.

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