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[WATCH] Pink Line Project opens an Etsy shop!

Philippa P.B. HughesBy Philippa P.B. Hughes on Dec 04, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (368)

[WATCH] Pink Line Project opens an Etsy shop!

Image by Gabriel Mellan.

Pink Line Project has opened an Etsy shop! Why? We want to help amazing DC artists make a living making art and we want to show the art curious how to find great (and affordable) art to buy. It's really important to us to support and grow our art community.  This is one of the ways we hope to make a small contribution.

Our initial campaign features hand-printed T-shirts, hoodies and prints baring the controversial statement “Shit’s Fucked Up”, which was (re)coined by DC artist Joe Orzal. The painting was originally part of last winter’s Vestibule guerilla gallery at DC’s Occupy headquarters in McPherson Square.

The photographer, curator and models for this campaign are also all local artists - reaffirming Pink Line's dedication to its mission.

We exhibited the prints at Pleasant Plains Workshop over the summer.

Now you can buy t-shirts and hoodies, too!

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