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[LISTEN] All DC music all the time from Hometown Sounds

Hometown SoundsBy Hometown Sounds on Jan 15, 2013 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (31)

[LISTEN] All DC music all the time from Hometown Sounds

[First published on Hometown Sounds on 7 January 2013]

Nappy Riddem - D.T.A. (Dub Architect Mix)
Taylor Carson - Waiting For Me
The NRIs - Testament
Mission South - detroitgateway
Paint Branch - Brighton Beach
GEMS - Void Moon
Miles Midnight - Superphonic
Substantial - Movin' Alright feat. yU
Javier Starks - Fall Back feat. RAtheMC & Phil Ade
Uptown XO - Rugged feat. Obii Say & Awthentik
Blake Meister - The Grind

Or listen on SoundCloud:

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