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Submerge highlight photos

Stephanie WesolowskiBy Stephanie Wesolowski on Nov 12, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (0)

Submerge highlight photos

No Kings Collective gears up for the second annual Submerge arts showing.

On November 10, No Kings Collective unveils Submerge, a collective arts exhibition on display in a temporary space on H Street. This showing features the work of several local artists, the aesthetics of which vary dramatically, producing a visual blend of arts and culture.

Truth Among Liars creates an installation featuring rows of inflatable dolls standing at attention, a vision that is both alarming and fascinating.

Victoria Milko puts the finishing touches on her fire station-themed exhibit, an interactive walk-through piece containing photographs and found objects.

Martin Swift's series of large-scale nudes are on display in the lower level of the space.

Mathew Curran's exhibit consists of taxidermied and/or slain deer drawings both directly on the wall and in frames mounted on the wall. The black and white renderings, particularly the three main deer heads, contrast nicely against the pink wall.

James Kerns of Corehaus DC works on one of several Submerge projects. 

Towards the back of the upper level is an installation that James Kerns created with many elements, including found objects. The installation's structure conforms seamlessly into the space. 



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