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[LISTEN] 'Sunwolf' EP Released!

Philippa P.B. HughesBy Philippa P.B. Hughes on Jan 10, 2013 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (68)

[LISTEN] 'Sunwolf' EP Released!

Sunset! on an Australian Beach. 

Alone and alive with the shimmering clarity of mind that can only come post surf.

A gift of the sun and the sea….

Deep down I was vexed by what Perry had said,

“Nobody sings loves songs anymore?”

I must go home.

I had traveled the world, managed a band, started a record label.

Now this was a different feeling entirely.

There were songs of my own glowing inside and now was the time.

What could it possibly all mean? Was he right? It’s always stuck with me.


 Late nights with Federico Aubelehelps me hear and shape these sincere and golden “love songs”.

 I sing them alone.

 All up and down the road.

There is no direction just exploration.

But life and time change everything.

No longer a man alone.

This Sunwolf becomes a band.

A band of marauding miscreants. 

Depending on the hour, we are in love, out of love, ecstatic, or melancholic but always searching for the nextsound.

Drunken fiascos and a trail of carnage,

The band brings it’s sound to the population.

Love songs never hurt so good.

More listening with Uncle Punchy.

He likes what he hears.

We record.

Here is the EP from those sessions with him.

The final crystallization of what I heard so long ago by the sea.

Sunwolf is a love song.


Release Date - Tuesday Jan 8th 2013

Purchase the EP on Amazon!

1.     Maybe This Time

2.     Everytime

3.     Sun & Sea

4.     Hermosilla

5.     Run Rabbit Run

Sunwolf is:

Rob Tifford – Guitars and vocals

Ashish Vyas – Bass

Tom Bunnell – Guitars

Greg Loman – Guitar Solos

Will Rast – Keys

Danny Bentley - Drums

Claire Packer – backing vocals on Run Rabbit Run 

Produced, Engineered and Recorded by Uncle Punchy

Sunwolf on SoundCloud!



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