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"Sweat on the walls, warehouse music. Dark and dubby. Makes me purr." Q&A w/ DJ Chris Nitti

Jennifer VinsonBy Jennifer Vinson on May 10, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (1)

"Sweat on the walls, warehouse music. Dark and dubby. Makes me purr." Q&A w/ DJ Chris Nitti

[First published on DC Setlist on May 1, 2012]

Introducing DC DJ, Chris Nitti!  See what he had to say about the recent FORWARD FESTIVAL, BLISSPOP & his upcoming gig at U STREET MUSIC HALL this Friday.

Q:  So describe your DJ style for us?

A:  I really love slow building sets with long, subtle transitions between songs. Tracks should communicate with each other -- there should be an interaction. If there's space for a certain sound in the outgoing track, the incoming track should fill that, without being overwhelming of course.

As far as my sound goes, it's mainly house and techno -- sometimes a bit softer and grooving and on other occasions a bit harder and driving. All depends on the setting. But in general, relatively dark, dubby and melodic.

I try to find music with quirks -- nothing too predictable. I love, for example, when a track doesn't introduce a certain sound until after the halfway mark. It surprises people. Dance music is very repetitive by nature, but it's fun to find tracks that, while still functioning within the framework of house and techno, are a bit left of center.

Q:  Tell me about your back to back sets with Morgan Tepper of U Street Music Hall? 

A:  Well Morgan, aka Lxsx Frxnk, is a good friend of mine so spinning with her is always a lot of fun. Our styles are really complementary and we know each other so well that it creates a nice flow when we tag team. We encourage each other and it builds a lot of energy as the set progresses. I'm not really the biggest fan of back to back sets (I'd rather just play solo and get into my own little zone) but she's the one person I really enjoy playing alongside.  

Q:  THE FORWARD FESTIVAL, just happened last week!  How did this festival come about?  Give us all the dirty details...

A:  FORWARD is a mini-festival which celebrates "electronic creative culture." This was its fifth year. Think the highlight for me was seeing Jeff Mills. The guy is a legend. Anyway, 88 are the people behind the festival -- such a solid team. They're extremely dedicated to bringing cutting edge acts from all over the world to DC for the festival as well as augmenting it with workshops, art installations and more. Huge kudos to those guys for another great year.

Q:  For those who want to download some of your music where can they find it?

A:  I've got a few DJ mixes up on my SoundCloud page for stream and download. Check 'em out at CHRIS NITTI

Q:  When's your next gig? 

A:  Really excited to be opening for Nick Curly and Kate Simko this Friday at U Street Music Hall. Nick Curly just released an album last month, Between the Lines, that I love. And Kate Simko has developed this live A/V setupwhen she DJs that I can't wait to see. More info about the event can be found here: 

BLISSPOP, the site that I write for, is putting on the event. We've had some really great DJs through lately -- Maya Jane Coles, Tiger & Woods, Maceo Plex to name just a few.

Q:  How do you see the current state of the underground dance scene in DC?

A:  Keeps getting better! Whatever your taste - disco, house, techno, dubstep, moombahton - there are more and more options for going out in DC, and the quality and frequency of international talent coming through the city is better than ever in my opinion.

Q:  Turn us on to some music:  Name 3 songs that have been looping on your iPod this week!

A:  Franck Roger - Bring It Back (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

"Sweat on the walls" warehouse music. Dark and dubby. Makes me purr.

Francis Harris - Living Lips (Kate Simko Remix)

Been listening to this one a lot lately. Very playful. Can't wait to see her on Friday.

M O S - Lost Digits (Marcel Fengler Emersion Mix)

Gritty, driving techno. Always gets me moving.


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