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[WATCH] Astra Via - Fast Forward Video

Hometown SoundsBy Hometown Sounds on Mar 05, 2013 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (37)

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[WATCH] Astra Via - Fast Forward Video

[Originally Posted on Hometown Sounds on 1 March 2013]

Video Reccomendation:

Jarrett Nicolay and Olivia Mancini, collectively the pop duo Astra Via, just released a new music video Fast Forward (pay what you want download!), the lead-off track of their upcoming EP. This song dials back the pop shimmer of their earlier work in favor of a deeper and more emotional hook. Props to Jeff Nesmith of Gypsy Creative Communications for a music video that compliments the song perfectly.

Music Reccomendation:

When Saturday night rolls around, the choice between seeing live bands and just dancing my head off is often a tough one. This Saturday you can do both at the Velvet Lounge when headliners Honest Haloway are joined by synthpoppers Miyazaki and Rain Tears. Honest Haloway blew my mind with their way over the top music video for Psycho Bitch, and their warm up set at Paperhaus a few weeks ago proved they are going to be a important band in the ever-growing DC dance music scene.

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