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[WATCH] Cuisine Contra in the Kitchen with Chef Brandon Johnson

Philippa P.B. HughesBy Philippa P.B. Hughes on Dec 18, 2012 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (1418)

[WATCH] Cuisine Contra in the Kitchen with Chef Brandon Johnson

I love dinner parties! Mainly because I love connecting people, especially when they wouldn't normally have met, and doing it over food is one of the best ways.

Dinner parties don't have to be complicated. Pizza can make a great dinner party! But if you're a little adventurous, you can make easy things and still have a great dinner party.

So excited to be able to share this first edition of Cuisine Contra in the Kitchen with you! Chef Brandon Johnson shows us how to make a very easy appetizer for your next dinner party. It'll take you less than 10 minutes to impress your friends!

The most excellent Francisco Campos-Lopez shot, edited, and directed the film. He's brilliant! Got some cool original music on there, too. 

Love these creative collaborations!

Don't let the dinner party die!

With Chef Brandon Johnson
Follow her on Twitter: @bmayaj

Concept created by Brandon Johnson and Francisco Campos-Lopez.

PINK by Aerosmith and remixed by Peach Stealing Monkeys

The Seeker by Francisco Campos-Lopez

Shot/edited & directed by Francisco Campos-Lopez

Shot at Pink Line Project HQ in Washington, D.C.

Original production by FreeSomeday for The Pink Line Project


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