Paint the Music
Atlas Performing Arts Center

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 8:00pm

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Paint the Music

Where  |Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St NE
Washington, DC

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About This Event

Award-winning singer-songwriter Dan Fisk has created a new paradigm in interactive performance art with his “Paint the Music” (PTM) series. His idea brings together local musicians and area painters for a showcase whereby the visual artist paints an entirely new work of art on stage with the singer-songwriter, using inspiration from the first song of the musician’s live set. The viewers’ energy becomes part of the art as audience members are encouraged to interact with the musicians and artists, becoming the third arm of a creative triad. The paintings are auctioned throughout the evening, with the artists setting minimum bids in a silent auction, and taking home 100% of the proceeds of the sale. The next Paint the Music event will take place on November 17th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, DC.

The November showcase will be the second PTM show in a series, which Fisk hopes to take across the East coast. The evening will feature music from Dan Fisk, Taylor Carson and Zia Hassan, and artwork from Eugi, expressionist artist Vian Shamounki Borchert and Sardar. Each painting process will be filmed and later time lapse edited to match the length of the song, creating a series of music videos. In addition to the original artworks, Fisk will commission another work of art, which will be turned into limited edition autographed 11x17 prints available for sale at subsequent PTM events. The event will conclude with a 45-minute ‘Meet & Greet’ cocktail hour to give the audience the opportunity to interact one on one with the artists and musicians. The series curator Dan Fisk explains, “I want the audience to have a richer, more creative experience than they may have by attending a normal concert or art show. I want them to feel like they are part of something special - that they are a part of the process of creation taking place right before their eyes”.

Who is Dan Fisk? He is a DC-area singer/songwriter, an acoustic guitarist and singer in the vein of fellow Virginians Dave Matthews and Pat McGee. Named one of Metromix DC’s “Hottest 5” artists of 2010, Fisk has been relentlessly playing and creating, building a brand as a full-time DIY independent musician and producer. In addition to playing gigs and promoting PTM, Fisk runs a small recording studio and “Frame Your CD”; a company to help other artists record and display their work. Dan is a one-man creative powerhouse, exploring the spaces in between and intersections among different artistic mediums. Dan Fisk has ambitions on taking PTM nationwide, enlisting musicians and artists in other cities to take point in developing showcases that engage the local arts community and its patrons. He also plans to feature specific genres of art and music in future PTM events, with ideas that range from hip-hop and graffiti art, to bluegrass and Americana-themed showcases. His hope is that these events will elevate not only the profile of local musicians and artists, but also encourage fans of different artistic genres and mediums to learn about and invest more into their local creative communities.

To find out more about Dan Fisk and his ‘Paint the Music’ showcases, please visit

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