ShawnMikael(s) in CoHi: "Our Troupe(s) Could Be Your Life(s)"

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 8:30pm

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ShawnMikael(s) in CoHi: "Our Troupe(s) Could Be Your Life(s)"

Where  |STUDIO 1469
Washington, DC

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About This Event

This month, ShawnMikael(s) once again descends on Columbia Heights NW DC for another night of improv comedy, bringing with them two of the most snot-bubble funny improv troupes in the DC area.

First up, there's Dr. Girlfriend. A recent arrival to DC's burgeoning improv scene, Dr. Girlfriend has already garnered a following that guarantees they'll be bringing the funny to DC for a long time. Dr. Girlfriend is Thomas Achilles, Caroline Pettit, Laura Spadanuta, and Kate Symes

Following the Dr. is Aboulia! They've been scorching the DC-improv-scene earth for miles around them since forming nearly two years ago, and most recently they were finalists in the Harrisburg Comedy Improv Throwdown in August of this year. Prepare for more scorchin'. Aboulia! is Scott Holden, Brianna Lux, Mike Macrina, Katie McDermott, Paul Shanoski, and Austen Villemez.

Finally, ShawnMikael(s) take the stage to close out the evening, bringing the funny back to DC after heading up to Philly this weekend to close out this year's Philadelphia Improv Festival.

Our Host? Just you wait. You'll love him. Unless it's a her. Then you'll love her.

The Space: Studio 1469 (, located in the rear of 1469 Harvard Street, is not your normal performance space: one part artist's hideaway, one part "white-box" theater, it's a hidden gem in bustling Columbia Heights. Please note that access isn't available on Harvard Street, but by entering via the alley off 15th Street between Harvard Street and Columbia Road. Once in the alley, walk straight to the end, where you'll find the space. More information. Directions, and a map are available here:

Keep in mind that tickets ARE LIMITED: because of neighborhood and zoning restrictions, we can only sell a limited number of tickets through presale, and even fewer at the door. There is NO SRO. Once the tickets are gone, they're gone.

To purchase tickets, click this link:

BYOB: Keep in mind that space doesn't sell alcohol. However, you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages to the show (provided, of course, you are of legal drinking age).

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