Mentor + Mentee II: Maryland Edition
Brentwood Arts Exchange

Fri, 12/07/2012 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

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[Opening / Closing]
Mentor + Mentee II: Maryland Edition

Where  |Brentwood Arts Exchange
3901 Rhode Island Ave
Brentwood, MD

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About This Event

Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 2012; 6pm-9pm
Exhibition Dates: December 3, 2012 - January 26, 2013
The Brentwood Arts Exchange presents Mentor + Mentee II: Maryland Edition in the gallery from December 3, 2012 - January 26, 2013. The exhibition is a partnership with Washington Printmakers Gallery (WPG), and features original prints by ten of WPG's members and the prints of their mentors or students.Mentor + Mentee II: Maryland Edition is the second iteration of the student-teacher show, first presented by WPG in the fall of 2009, and focuses on the group's Maryland membership. An insightful look into the artists' creative foundations and influences, Mentor + Mentee II: Maryland Edition is a striking and eclectic exhibition of bold prints that explores a wide range of traditional and contemporary approaches.

Concurrent with the exhibition, the Brentwood Arts Exchange and WPG will present gift-priced prints in the Craft Store, just in time for holiday shopping and collection building.
Featured Artists: Lila Asher and Bill Harris, Yolanda Frederikse andBetty MacDonald, Jenny Freestone and Scip Barnhart, Pauline Jakobserg and Rachel-Ray Cleveland, Trudi Y. Ludwig and Raj Bunnag, Marian Osher and Joyce Jewell, Anne McLaughlin andLexi Lopez, Terry Svat and Elzbieta Sikorska, Max-Karl Winkler andNaul Ojeda; & Clare Winslow and Carolyn Hartmann.

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