Bourgeon Book Launch Party
Arts Club of Washington

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

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[After Hours]
Bourgeon Book Launch Party

Where  |Arts Club of Washington
2017 I Street NW
Washington, DC

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About This Event

The Board of Directors of Day Eight invite you to come celebrate the arts in DC and the publication of the new book "Bourgeon: Fifty Artists Write About Their Work", General Editor: Robert Bettmann.

Bourgeon is an anthology of contemporary art written by the artists. The project was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and with support from the Humanities Council of Washington, D.C. Thank you to the Arts Club of Washington for hosting this book signing event.

Free and open for all.
Cash bar.
Books will be available for purchase at the event.

Artists in the book:

Jane Franklin
Kevin Platte
Tehreema Mitha
Gesel Mason
Aysha Upchurch
Kelly King
Dana Tai Soon Burgess
Daniel Burkholder
Joan Belmar
Prudence Bonds
Judith Peck
Megan Coyle
Robert Bettmann
Michele Banks
Tim Tate
Jenny Walton
Jessica Beels
Salvador Casco
Alec Simpson
Camille Mosley-Pasley
Al Miner
Laurel Lukaszewski
Maida Withers
Heather Desaulniers
Steven Shafarman
Casey Maliszewski
Jan Tievsky
Sabado Lam
Lori Clark
George Jackson
Michael Bjerknes
Cheryl Palonis Adams
Doug Yeuell
Judith Hanna
Loren Ludwig
Valerie Durham
Daniel Barbiero
Laurel Victoria Gray
Alvin Mayes
Jonathan Morris
Kathryn Boland
Ken Manheimer
Nancy Havlik
Cem Catbas
Jon Gann
Andy Shallal
Anne Becker
Naomi Thiers
Gregory Luce
Jessica Wilde
Lisa Traiger

Advisory Committee for the Book:
George Jackson, Jack Hannula, Dr. Judith Hanna, Dr. Naima Prevots, Michele Banks, Sara Hill Isacson, Adah Rose Bitterbaum, David Ramos, and Joy Ford Austin

Editorial Committee for the Book:
Kate Kretz, Heather Desaulniers, Diana Dinerman, Kathryn Boland, Cheryl Palonis Adams, John Shields, Gregory Luce, and the book’s General Editor Robert Bettmann.

Book Design: Design Action Collective / Innosanto Nagaro

Day Eight Board of Directors: Diana Cirone, Julia Judson-Rea, Margarita Noriega, Tina Barskdale, Elizabeth Grazioli

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