Delicious Spectacle Presents: UNFETTERED
Delicious Spectacle

Fri, 01/18/2013 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm

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Delicious Spectacle Presents: UNFETTERED

Where  |Delicious Spectacle
1366 Quincy Street NW
Washington, DC

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About This Event

Bringing together artists from DC, MD, VA and NY the project space at Delicious Spectacle will be transformed with installation! UNFETTERED will harness the creative power of artists Mei Mei Chang, Mariah Anne Johnson, Randall Lear, Eric Lundquist and Nikki Painter. Curator Samuel Scharf selected these artists because of their passion for installation and their skill to adapt to particular
spaces. Each artist uses installation as a foundational anchor within his or her studio practice that helps to inform his or her overall artistic process. These ambitious installations will engulf the gallery with wood, fabric, paint, found objects, and anything the artist’s desire. Artists in the exhibition were chosen based on their ability and willingness to respond to the architecture of the given space. The work will demonstrate new ways of thinking in that space and overwhelm the viewer with inventiveness, improbability, and whim. By giving artists total access to the space, the viewer will have total access to their artistic practice as a result. Ultimately, the space will be transformed and activated with the creative language found in each artist work. The exhibition offers the viewer the ability to witness what occurs when the artist is given total freedom to express without bounds.

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