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Why do we need art in our lives?

Philippa P.B. HughesBy Philippa P.B. Hughes on Apr 07, 2011 | Add a Comment Add a Comment (565)

Why do we need art in our lives?

I think this circles back to the social value of the arts. The mind needs to be cultivated and disciplined, our inner lives need to be examined, articulated and refined. Watching performance, at its best, is an exercise in disciplined attention; it is the vicarious inhabitation of otherness. There is the audience and there is the stage and there is that other place where our will to suspend disbelief meets the projected imagination of the artist and we collectively create and enter into an alternate reality. This alternate reality is where we imagine new ways of seeing the world. Hopefully these visions are rich and transporting, hopefully they offer us something to bring back to our everyday lives, some bit of wisdom, compassion or humor that adds to our mental/emotional toolbox. It makes us wider and deeper and somehow more than we were before."

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